Workshop  Feedback

Workshop in June Back to Basics- Flour and water activities. District 7. 

Another great workshop. Thank you for your participation.
“Nicole is a great presenter. You will learn how to play with your children instead of letting the TV./ Very practical activities/It’s a really useful method to work and play with the children. / Funny and helpful/ Her workshop has a lot of interesting activities/ guides us about the full process, (how to start, encourage children, activities during the process and tidyup.)/ Benefits of the activities which I learnt today to help my career in teaching the children/ Practical and useful/ I will use this practice and trainng for my children and for staff.”

Workshop in May 2015 Back to Basics- Flour and water activities. 

“Love this workshop. fun and helpful…thanks alot Awesome teachers./Interesting and useful workshop. Everyone could join in the workshop. Shared ideas. Doing and working together./This is very useful for the teachers working with the younger children. /Thank you for inviting me and hope to learn more. I enjoyed it. /The teachers are friendly and nice./ The playtime will be great to use these activities./ Thank you for providing teachers with materials and suggestions. /making the paint was very helpful for me; it’s absolutely new and I’m very excited when I’m doing it. / I learnt how to prepare well for an activity and make it fun with children.”

Workshop in February 2015 in Saigon.

KECS presented information about Language development and activities for young children at Saigon Academy Preschool. Working in small groups the teachers had the  opportunity to share their ideas about considerations necessary for attending to individual, small group and large group needs.
From one teacher- “Firstly, I would like to say that your presentation was both informative and professional. I know that is was a short time but I left with a lot of new ideas and understandings. After your presentation, I went home and seemed to have a lot more questions than answers, which I think is a positive thing.”
Reflecting on our lessons is a good sign of a considerate teacher. Questionning what we see and learn about is also valuable in assessing how and when we do things in the classroom. It enables us to improve and ensure we are catering for all children. KECS
“Nicole was excellent and really enthusiastic and has great ideas. She has great understanding of the way to teach kids”. Hannah

 Workshop in February 2015 in Saigon.

The HCMC University of Education – Early Childhood section invited KECS to present a full day workshop about Emerging curriculums and differences in educational philosophies. They saw it as an excellent and worthwhile workshop and would like to see more. 

 Workshop in 31st January 2015 from 8-12pm in Saigon.

Challenging behaviours of young children. For Vietnamese teachers working in International preschools and schools. We discussed expected behaviours and those that are especially challenging for teachers. Working in small groups we talked about/act out difficult situations and feedback was given as different ways to deal with it.
In December 2014, 21 Early Childhood teachers working in 5 different International preschools and schools in Saigon came together to discuss Special needs and Grouptime.

Here is some of their feedback:

  •  “Good opportunity to share around centres”.    
  •  “It is useful and practical workshop”.
  •  “You’re a lovely trainer and teacher!”                
  •  “It was a helpful place to learn about young children”.
  •  “You may learn something new from her presentation”.

Thank you. Hope to see you at the next workshop.

Some of our discussion points:- Current Group time difficulties

  • Children don’t want to be involved in the lesson.
  • Children don’t want to speak out although they can understand the group.
  • Some teachers don’t know how to make the lesson interesting.
  • Some children don’t want to learn in circle time(they want to be outside and not listen to the lesson.
  • Interesting activities to do at circle time/group time.
  • Sing songs and do actions. use puppets, books, pictures, cards, finger puppets.
  • For story-time use books, pictures, puppets, felt board story, role plays, tell a story.
  • Play games-copy, whisper, I spy, finger plays, phonics, listening games, parachute, balls, number games.
  • Share ideas and topics- ask what do you think?
  • Sensory play
  • Work in groups or pairs.