“Children emotions are as yours. Just because they might get sad over the colour of their cup, does not make their feelings any less real.”

Working with young children requires skill, dedication, energy and time.  KEC is dedicated to providing relevant quality workshops, consulting centre staff for managers, teachers, parents and nannies, new or experienced.
Tailored to suit the individual needs of the school, centre, teachers, staff, parent group or students, we provide different levels, adapted to each group:


Translation (English/Vietnamese) can be provided.
Usually held in the place of work or nominated venue, (preschools, centres and schools), they are attended by Vietnamese and expat Early Childhood and ESL teachers, and students interested wanting to know more about Early Childhood education and effective ESL methods.

The following are just SOME of the workshops KEC provides.

1. Positive communication

This is the main area where adults/teachers often ‘let themselves or children down’.  In practising and continually using positive communication as part of the daily routine/life then children are learning how to speak with manners to and with each other.

We are their models, no matter how frustrated or tired we are!!. This workshop is necessary for working effectively with young children.

2. Effective Teamwork

Knowing how to work with different teaching styles, personalities, experience, qualifications, and nationalities in one team can be tricky. Learn how to work with this great diversity to be able to recognise and use everyone’s strengths. Great for any team of teachers and managers.  

3. Leadership/Management

What is the difference in Leadership and Management and when/how do you use them?
Leadership is necessary when working with young children and their families but how do we work with others, guide and lead, trying to keep calm at all times?
Whether you are a new leader it can scary or if you are experienced leader/manager there are many responsibilities and people are constantly relying on you.
Practical suggestions and discussions using real scenarios.
(Basic/Medium/Advanced levels)

4. Philosophy and methodology

The philosophy of the centre/school needs to be reflected in the classroom. Whether it is a play-based, Reggio inspired, Montessori, High Scope curriculum, KEC has varied experience in how the delivery of the philosophy can work best in the centre/school.   

5. Child development 1,2,3

We cover all areas, whether it’s Social/emotional, Physical, Cognitive development as individual areas or as a combination (as we know, they all influence each other anyway).
(Basic/Medium/Advanced levels)

6. English Language Teaching Skills

This is an area that is misunderstood. We work with teachers to ensure that they realize their responsibilities in teaching the English language is fun and developmentally appropriate ways. It is not just about games and ‘hyping up’ children.
KEC enables you to see your own behaviors when working in the classroom and provides ways to work better in educationally valuable, stimulating activities and experiences. It’s not about just playing games and ‘filling in time’.