“Catching your child doing good, is a powerful discipline technique.” – Trevor Farley

KEC works with parents of children aged 18 months –  8 years with :

1. Parent Workshops

We actively listen to parents and provide workshops based on their needs. Small groups can be formed (ie. Parent groups, Baby clubs, Parent networks) and KEC guides parents through the course providing all materials.
Whether it’s ‘Choosing a Childcare Centre for your Child’ or ‘What to do with young children?’ in particular situations, KEC can provide practical fun workshops for any group. We address the stresses and strains of having young children but find the fun and freedom with being with them as well.
Here are some examples:

Learning through Play

“The children are just playing.”- this actually hurts when Early Childhood teachers hear this phrase. We discuss what Play means and what the children learn developmentally through a play-based programme.
How can I find the right centre for them?
What does a play-based programme actually look like?
Why does my child not like going to school?

Managing Children’s Behaviours.

A speciality of KEC staff, this is easier than than people think. Join us to see how you can be with your young child and really enjoy what they are doing and realise why they do the things they do!
When they are behaving in such a way that it makes you frustrated or embarrassed then learn how to deal with these behaviours.
Small group discussions, video viewing, real life scenario based discussions

Children with additional/special needs:

Do you know or feel that your child is not doing what other their age are doing?
KEC staff are well experienced in this area providing workshops, individualised consultations and referrals as required.  

‘Back to Basics’.

For those hot rainy afternoons and you can’ to go out!!
Fun- filled workshops that provide ideas about things you can do with your young child. One example is ‘Using Flour and water’ and what we can do with these whilst we explore maths and science, language and social skills all in one!
Activities usually include the very things you may already have in your home but didn’t know how you could use them effectively to create learning experiences for your child.
Other workshops are available on request and can be organised with Mother and baby groups Parenting groups or Baby Fairs.

2. Parent support

KEC reassures parents in one on one consultations and provides support in various forms. It may be in referring to a specialist (ie. speech therapist or Occupational therapist) depending on the child’s needs.

3. Child observations

Objective observations of your child can be done in the home, at preschool/school or both. Detailed written reports about the child’s interactions and behaviours in these settings provide evidence for a developmental assessment.

Preschools can make requests but this can only be done upon approval from the parents. Vietnamese parents can ask for a translator.

There are costs involved for these observations and reports and vary according to the time involved.  

Please contact us if you have any questions.

4. Parent requests

If you know or suspect that your child needs some Learning support at home or school or you would like to chat to a professional about your child, please see CONTACT.