“The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

There is always something you can learn about working with children.  Sometimes all you need is some reassurance that you are ‘on track’ and working to the best of your ability considering your experience, time and goals. We aim to motivate teachers in being the best teacher they can be.
KEC staff have been teachers in the classroom and so we know the difficulties in working with young children. We also recognise the great rewards that come with it too.

1. Teacher support

Is something not working in your classroom?      YES!
Then KEC can provide support in this area, whether it’s simply a visit to the classroom to determine the next step, attending a staff meeting or presenting information. Knowing teacher’s limited time, we are flexible in arranging this.  

2. Teacher observations

Observations of teachers/classrooms can be done at cost to the centre/school. This is usually 1-2 hours per class. A report is then provided to the Manager and discussion take place afterwards with both the teacher and management.

3. Developmental reports and assessments of young children.

Do you have suspicions that a child requires Learning support?
Requests for child observations can be made by the teacher, discussed with management and then must be approved and paid for by the parents. 

KEC observes the child in the classroom or in the area of concern and makes a developmental assessment based on their experience. If they are unable to provide this then KEC will suggest to refer to other professionals. The parents are the decision-makers and are involved in all of these steps.  

4. Teacher workshops

Classroom management
Teachers are usually dedicated to their profession and spend many hours working on plans, goals, documentation and in the classroom. We look at how to better manage the class and provide realistic expectations on ourselves and the classroom community.

Children with additional/special needs.
KEC staff are well experienced in this area providing workshops, individualised consultations and referrals as required. This is a valuable workshop series for teachers. (Basic/Medium/Advanced)

Managing Children’s Behaviours.
A speciality of KEC staff, this is easier than than people think. Join us to see how you can work with young children really enjoying what they are doing and realise why they do the things they do!
Techniques, strategies, goals, realistic expectations and good management are all key tools you need to have to deal with them appropriately. Child development is also an important part here. It is often the behaviour you don’t like, not the child!
Small group discussions, video viewing, real life scenario based discussions.

Working with Vietnamese Teachers
Culturally there are differences in how teachers work and often simple misunderstandings create issues in the classroom. Learn how to work better with others by understanding their perspective.

‘Back to Basics’
Fun filled workshops that enable you to try out things that you can then do with young children. One example is ‘Using Flour and water’ and what we can do with these and how we explore maths and science, language and social skills all in one!