We invite you to come on the journey with KECS and to be part of the change that we would like to see in Vietnam and South East Asia, aiming for better quality care for all young children.

Knock Education Consulting Service (KEC), based in Ho Chi Minh city, helps preschool, kindergarten and childcare managers, owners, teachers, to look at the QUALITY of the education they provide. Those looking for professional development as to what to provide or do with young children have come to the right place. KEC enables one to see what is best for young children in their care.
We are the first of its kind in Vietnam.  Dedicated to providing quality workshops, consultancy and development for teachers, parents and nannies, whether they are new or experienced.  



Engaging a professional Early Childhood consultant can help your preschool or centre to provide better quality care and education. We offer a comprehensive, individualised friendly consultancy service catering to your Early Years and Child care needs. Support services are based on the unique needs of each centre/preschool.


Parents often need reassurance they are ‘doing the right thing’ for their child. KEC are professionals who will listen to parents, children and families. KEC works alongside parents so that they know that their children’s developmental needs are being met by people who care.


Workshops can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the school, centre or participants. The following are examples of the some of the workshops that can be used or modified for your staff development needs.



  • Pho LeAustralian International School - HCM city.

    Like everyone I find myself lucky to have a chance to work with and to be trained by (Mrs) Nicole Knock in term of childcare development and education. At work I have learnt that Nicole is the person who always wants new things to learn and to teach. She never stops improving herself as a well-rounded teacher, trainer and manager. However, it is Nicole who can be flexible and sympathetic with the staff; most of the time she never takes personal relationship into daily work.

    POSITIVE LANGUAGE is the most important thing I have learnt during the time I have worked with (Mrs) Nicole. She is one of the teachers who teaches me and shows me the way how to work with children. That is to work “from my heart” (of course with knowledge and skills trained), which raises me up each day and makes me work better. Nicole teaches us how to care for children and other staff, how to be a child/be children so that we can get to know them better and she teaches us how to get the job done effectively through communication. As a manager/team leader or a teacher, Nicole always sets a good example in professional appearance and behavior in the way she cares for staff (birthdays, special events or even personal problems or family issues). Mrs. Nicole cannot only be very warm with children and staff but she is also open, clear and honest in the way she instructs things to everybody at her work place.

    For my own part, Nicole is my first teacher in childcare and she is also one of my FAVORITE friends. In fact, Nicole loves everyone and everyone loves Nicole.

  • Nguyen Ngoc Hanh DungSaigon Kids - HCM city.

    I'm currently working at a kindergarten, and I've worked with Mrs. Nicole Knock for around 8 months. To me, she has made herself a good friend and a wonderful manager at the same time. She is humorous, friendly, thoughtful, and quite sensitive. She makes me laugh most of the time we talk to each other. We kind of share lots of the same points of view, so we can understand the other without talking sometimes. Mrs. Knock works hard and seriously, but wisely and flexibly as well. She shows me how to solve my problems by giving suggestions, and share her ideas or things so that I can create my own teaching resources. She is the best manager ever!

  • LanKitchen staff - ICCC Smartkids - HCM city

    During the time I work with you, you were such a sociable person. You always help other people. You are such a lovely woman; thats why from children to older staff, everyone loves you. You a wonderful person I 've known. I love you.

  • Nguyen Thi Truc Thanh BVIS - Binh Chanh - HCM city.

    I worked with Mrs Nicole for few years in both school ( International School of Sai Gon in Tan Binh and Smartkids Early Learning Childcare Centre in Thao Dien, District 2. In both schools, Ms. Nicole was my manager and my trainer. Sometimes my colleagues and I were trained by Mrs Nicole about Early Learning Education. I learned alot from her so I still keep in touch until now like a manager and a friend as well.

    During working time with Mrs Nicole,I was impressed that she was so kind, and friendly, especially when she cared for staff and children. She was very enthusiastic in her work. Mrs Nicole works in education entirely with her heart.

  • RominaKids World Preschool - Phu My Hung - HCM city.

    Working with Nicole was a real pleasure. I have learned so much from her! I deeply appreciate how she works, her kindness, her sensitivity and concern for others. She encouraged us to share ideas so we could learn from each other. She provided us “tools”& ideas in order to be better teachers and enjoy our classes!! Personally, I'll always be grateful to Nicole.

  • LienAssistant Teacher - Renaissance International School

    It is my pleasure to write this letter of Nicole, whom I have known for almost 10 years, initially at the British International School Vietnam in 2005. At that time I was already one of the Teacher Assistant’s at the school. Nicole then joined as a Teacher and since then we have been best friends. As a Teacher, Nicole has a high standard of teaching and she has proved to be an excellent role model for her colleagues and a tremendous asset to all the teachers with whom she has worked. At all times she has demonstrated strong leadership and management. Nicole has always has an excellent relationship with colleagues and school management and was a highly respected member of staff whose commitment and loyalty to the school, staff and children was never in doubt. As a Master Trainer I have no doubt she made an excellent Trainer. Nicole was helping Vietnamese Teachers to develop their professional English education in the training courses. Nevertheless, Nicole has a beautiful heart ; she always thinks of what's best for the children and has joined some organisations and orphanages or to help poor children in the countryside. As a trusted friend, I can say that Nicole is very capable and well organised. She always demonstrates a caring attitude towards everyone; is loyal and a totally committed individual who will certainly be a tremendous asset to any organisation fortunate to work with her.