Clients and Testimonials





“Knock Education has proved to be a valued partner in the RMIT MBA and we appreciate the service provided by David.”

I have worked with David Knock for two years, during which time he ran the MBA capstone course entitled Business Operations (Strategy and Implementation), in 2013/14 as a faculty member and in 2015 as Director of his company, Knock Education. This is a very important course in the RMIT MBA as it is very practical, requiring participants to apply every management skill that they acquired during their other MBA coursework. All students have to take this course in order to graduate. David’s commitment and enthusiasm as their teacher has given them the assurance and confidence that they can manage strategic business decisions competently and professionally in teams, with due consideration for all the complexities, and then follow through to implement those decisions with efficiency in multiple simulated business cases.

I have always found David to be both knowledgeable and practical, which I know the MBAs also appreciate.

He has shown dedication to ensuring that all learning outcomes are met and that class members have every opportunity to maximize the course experience.

David A Robinson
MBA Director, Associate Professor,
Head of Department: Post-Graduate Programs,
RMIT Asia Graduate Centre
RMIT University, Vietnam